Theatrical Belly Dance Performance – Saturday, June 1 at 7pm

Presented by Imari & the Sahara Desert Dancers

A Mystical Journey of the Magic Lantern
and the Quest of the Golden Veils

Once upon a time, in a mystical land far away, there existed a magical lantern that held the power of a thousand Kings and Queens.  One day, a group of beautiful Moroccan Goddesses danced in unison with golden veils and costumes of shimmering gold, and behold, the magic lantern appeared.  And so the journey begins….the Goddesses will use the enchantment of dance to bring the lantern to it’s rightful home in the Valley of the Kings, across the Nile from Luxor, Egypt.

Come along and enjoy the journey!


About Imari & the Sahara Desert Dancers:
Imari & the Sahara Desert Dancers have committed twenty-two years
to sharing the beautiful art of belly dancing with nursing homes (including
Bridgton Health Care Center, Odd Fellows Nursing Home, Clover Manor,
Gorham Nursing Home, Norway Rehab, and the Maine Veterans’ Home
in South Paris) and hospitals on a volunteer basis. They spend their summers
entertaining at family festivals and charity events Region wide. They have
raised thousands of dollars for local charities such as the CMMC Unrestricted
Annual Fund, Salvation Army, The United Way, Odd Fellows Nursing Home,
St. Mary’s Hospital Breast Health Program (Belly dancing for Breast Health
is a fund raiser founded by Imari), and Make-A-Wish® Maine. These women
vary in age, each balancing professional and family lives, and together they
have formed an undeniably strong bond in striving to make a positive difference
in their community, and beyond.

Learn to Belly Dance!
Contact Imari for classes in Conway, Harrison and Auburn, ME.
Fitness with a fun twist, Belly Dancing is HIP! • 207-749-6412