M&D’s MISSION is to celebrate and enhance personal understanding through the shared experience of live theatre. Our ultimate goal is to produce plays which inspire, nurture, challenge, amaze, educate, and empower artists and audiences, in order to foster a more conscious and compassionate community.

M&D’S VISION serves as a commitment to promote and maintain the power of the arts, by providing a forum to educate and enhance our community through award-winning, quality theatre.

Community –
While we seek to grow and improve our organization – as well as our social and geographical reach – our commitment and ties to the Mount Washington Valley will always remain a vital aspect of our mission and identity. We strive to build an engaged and connected community through transformative experiences that are accessible and inclusive.

Artistic Excellence – We strive for exemplary quality in everything we do and seek to create a positive, joyful, seamless experience for our artists and patrons. We collaborate to create an atmosphere that empowers artists to do their finest work. Our rigorous standards reflect our commitment to excellence in every area of production. We take pride in our outstanding track record of artists who want to return, and we cultivate an audience that expects to be challenged.

Entertainment – We believe in the awesome potential that theatre has to motivate, educate, inspire (and even incite) an audience. We strive to offer compelling programming that stimulates the imagination, advances creativity, and promotes new perspectives.

Variety – We strive to produce and present a wide assortment of theatrical genres and styles. From edgy, new musicals and classic dramas to slapstick comedies, M&D has it all. In theatre, as in life, we believe that variety fosters a more interesting and vibrant whole while enabling a deeper appreciation of each part.

Respect – All great work is nurtured in an atmosphere of civility and mutual respect. Harmonious and collaborative rehearsal spaces, production shops, and office spaces are our priority. We value physical safety and a supportive and fun work environment for our volunteers.

Collaboration – We believe that great theatre is best cultivated in the meaningful convergence of ideas and perspectives among director, actor, writer, designer, and audience. We strive to cultivate and protect an environment of collaboration within our organization, as well as seek opportunities to work cooperatively with others.

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