Announcing the cast of Cabaret

Sally Bowles – Hannah-Jo Weisberg
Emcee – Grayson Smith
Cliff – Zachary Poster
Ernst Ludwig – Eric Jordan
Frau Schneider – Barbara Plonski
Herr Schultz – Craig Holden
Kost – Francesca Jellison
Helga – Taylor Gunther
Frenchie – Chelsea Hupalowski
Lulu – Alicia Tirey
Texas – Summer Storm
Fritzie – Francesca Jellison
Rosie – Sarah Plowman

Kit Kat Boys:
Cheyenne Lyons – Victor
Lori-Jean Rowe – Herman
Frank Thompson – Bobby/Max/Sailor

Nazi Soldier/Party Guest-Soloist – Stacy Sand
Nazi Soldier/Official/Party Guest – Charles Scott
Young Child – Blue Jay Groves

Directed by  Mark Sickler
Musical Direction by Laurie Turley
Choreography by Chelsea Hupalowsky

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