Cast Announcement

Cast Announcement – Matilda the Musical

As directed by Mary Bastoni, with choreography by Aimee Frechette, and stage management by Cindy Sauerwein.

Izzy Frechette – Matilda
Nola Bradeen – Lavender/Understudy Matilda
Quinn Hagerty – Bruce
Charlie Nourse – Nigel/Understudy Bruce
Ellie Proulx – Eric
Katie Laracy – Alice
Hannah Norris-Parsons – Hortensia
Samantha Groves – Tommy
Kaylee Miner – Amanda
Mark Sickler – Miss Trunchbull
Jenn Bradeen – Miss Honey
Jenn Meers – Miss Phelps
Jenny Huang-Dale – Mrs. Wormwood
Daniel Adams – Mr. Wormwood
Sedally Stevens – Michael Wormwood
Dan Tetreault – Rodolfo
Stacy Sand – Doctor/Escapologist
Grayson Smith – Entertainer/Sergei
Clay Groves – Parent/Henchman 1
Jason Stevens – Parent/Henchman 2
Charles Scott – Henchman 3
Craig Holden – Henchman 4
Rebekah Bushey – Parent
Alicia Tirey – Parent
Ava Frechette – Big Kid/Party Kid/Cook

Big Kids/Party Kids
Andrew Fournier
Rosa Tepe
Sam Stoker-Ball
Lydia Rabideau
Sherie Bellis-Bennett
Soleil Huang-Dale
Billy Davis
Alex Sweeney

Auditioning is an imperfect process, and not being cast is not a reflection of lack of talent. The characters must all fit together in order to make things work. Congratulations to those who have been cast (listed above). For those who haven’t, please come back and audition for other shows. You are valued!

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