Coming to Eastern Slope Inn Playhouse – May 28 through 31

HOOKED is the captivating journey of a woman filled with anxiety, all the while hoping that the adrenal rush from performing stand-up comedy will sublimate her fears. She narrowly escapes death on a comedy gig in Tucson and comes home from another show to find her husband dead. Trying to please the new person that shows up in her life, Bailey embarks on a spiritual path that rings untrue until a life-altering event occurs. HOOKED is a richly passionate show which will take you on a roller coaster ride you can’t and don’t want wish to stop!

Bailey has received high acclaim for her stand-up shows from Los Angeles to Alaska and has done compelling work in previous solo shows, “Can’t Get Enough” and “Comfort Zone.”  She has been seen in commercials, TV, and film, and has appeared in some over the top music videos. Known for playing oddballs, she says her theme has always been, “crazy is the new normal.”

Bailey attended Boston University where she divided her time between school and downhill ski racing on the eastern circuit. Currently, she is a Spiritual Mind Practitioner at Spiritworks in Burbank. Her greatest thrill is performing in her solo show. HOOKED,  a true love story, of how her life evolved into something much more positive and spiritual as a result of finding love in a most unexpected way after living in the dark for so long as an outcall hooker.

“Thank you Bailey for bringing this incredibly powerful show to NH. You’re so brave and honest throughout and oh my were you funny!! You’re a star!! “
– Heidi Miller

“I THOUGHT I was arriving at a local theater to support a friend BUT the experience turned into an engaging and professional performance by Bailey Mason that grappled with tragedy, spirituality, survival, and love. Presented with honesty, humor, humility, and gratitude, Bailey’s performance had the characteristics of a refined symphony sprinkled with some improvisation, salt, and pepper. Thank you Bailey and M&D Playhouse…”
– Ryan Mahan

“Just got home from M&D Playhouse, where we saw Hooked, the one-woman show starring Bailey Mason! It was fabulous! Funny, moving, thought provoking… so happy we went. If you are looking for something to do tomorrow night, it’s playing for one more night. Congrats, Bailey! You were amazing!”
– Lisa Horgan

“GO SEE Bailey Mason in her brilliant, funny, timely, enthralling one-woman show: HOOKED!
It finishes it’s one weekend only run at M&D Playhouse tomorrow night!
You have no idea what you are missing if you skip this chance! JUST GO!”
– June Desmond

“You have a beautiful and inspiring story. It was fascinating to watch you relive it for us on stage. Thank you for sharing your story!”
– Lori Jean Rowe

“Hooked is one hilarious, intense, and thought-provoking ride through a wild and zany woman’s life.  With the energy of a Formula One race car, Bailey Mason delivers an accelerating performance where every twist and turn leads from one chaotic character surpassing the next.  And any attempt at screeching and skirting past her biggest fear…death…puts her into an adrenaline rush and once again she shifts into overdrive.  Just hold on and enjoy.  A must see!”
Tom and Taylor

“Hooked is a must-see!  Stripped down and raw, Hooked takes you on the whiplash journey of one woman’s mad flight through stand-up comedy and prostitution as she searches for her one true love: herself.  Hooked reminds us that there is no ‘right’ path to salvation; there is only the path we take.”
– Jennifer